Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My non-existent love-life

I seriously hate the false love expectations put into these asian dramas. But it's what makes me love it at the same time. It gives people the ability to wish for these things and have dreams.

On the downside, does it actually happen? Ok maybe I'm not being rational here, how about just in high school. Take Hana Yori Dango for instance ( i cbb going into the synopsis) or even mei chan's butler?

C'mon, bring on the cute guys already!

Stress and more stress

One of the many downsides of been a teen is all the procrastination (which is seriously NOT necessary). E.g. Now, yep, writing on my blog when I should be studying. Oh yeah, all the usual stuff like body image and boys. It's annoying!!

~Everyone seems to be growing a cm each day, while I'm still grounded to my short height.
~When will I ever be able to tell myself to stay on task without being distracted? When that day comes, It's celebration time!


Here I am, creating a blog. Here I am not knowing what to say.

I was thinking of starting this AFTER my exams...but the temptation's got me.
It's weird, I had all these interesting things to say but it's gone now.

What a pathetic first post...but that's me; random and randomer